4-Life is a group I formed in 1999.  Pop was at an all-time high and the combination of an American group of 2 boys and 2 girls fit the scene just right.

With a demo in hand and an eagerness to perform we managed to get one of our songs slotted for a TV series.  This opened the door for TV appearances and radio time.  Brazilian audiences welcomed us with open arms and even learned to sing our songs.

While in negotiations with 2 record labels, we discovered that being foreigners and launching a musical career from within Brazil was unfortunately going to be a difficult and complicated road.

We will never forget the wonderful experience it was to be a part of a beautiful country and to be accepted by such a kind and warm audience.  We are certain that the days of 4-Life in Brazil will stay in our hearts forever.

(Click on the animated GIF above to play the 4-Life spin. You will need QuickTime installed to properly play it.)