I'm from Los Angeles.  But my musical journey began in Spain when I was 6 years old and had to learn to play a song on the guitar to accompany my older brother.  Since then music has pretty much been a part of my everyday life.

I bought my first studio when I was 20.  In '96 I set up a studio in Miami where I had the opportunity to work with some decent bands producing and mixing projects in several different genres.  Also in Miami I worked on producing and singing some songs with my good friend Jonathan Fuzessy (who has now formed the boy band "Area 305").

In Brazil I've had the opportunity to work with many artists ranging from actors (who like to also put out CDs) to up-and-coming rock and pop bands.  For the most part, people that come to me ask for pop productions.

I consider myself to be experimental when it comes to composing and producing, but if I had to pin it down to one genre, I'd say pop is my preferred.

I am moving back to Los Angeles now, after many years away.  I look forward to finding new challenges and the right place to go to work.