My most recent studio setup has been in Rio de Janeiro.  It's been a wonderful place to have a studio (across the street from the beach!)...I know I'm gonna miss it.

Several years ago I decided I was ready to really go computer.  I had already been using computers for years in my studio and trusted that I would achieve even better results by using them more.   I sold much of my hardware and bought several new computers and sound cards.  I currently have 3 computers in my studio.

I use the following sound cards:
* Creamware Luna II
* Yamaha DS2416 (got 2 of'em) & AX44
* RME Hammerfall

Here's some of the other outboard gear I use:
* Event 20/20s powered by an Alesis RA100
* ART Dual MP tube preamp
* DBX Project 1 mic processor
* Behringer MX1604 Eurorack
* Audio Technica AT4050 condenser mic
* Roland A33 keyboard controller